Le Vignoble, LLC
Fine Wine Importers

Le Vignoble is an importer of fine wines, distilled spirits, and other products. Le Vignoble's corporate headquarters and warehouse are located in Cordova, Tennessee within the heart of the mid-south. Cordova is part of the Memphis, Tennessee metropolitan area. Memphis is considered a major transportation and shipping hub. Located on the Mississippi River, the junction of two interstate highways, seven major U.S. highways, and the world's busiest cargo airport, in terms of tonnage, Memphis is an ideal location to conduct business which requires fast and reliable transportation of products. Le Vignoble's products are FOB, Freight On Board, from our warehouse in Memphis. Le Vignoble can arrange shipment to a distributor using one of the many carriers within our area.
Le Vignoble has spent years developing relationships with producers and wine makers. Although some producers currently have importers within the U.S.A., our relationships with some producers and wine makers have developed to a point were we feel like they are family. Some producers and wine makers have been able to visit Le Vignoble in Memphis, share our homes, and enjoy the many unique cultural contributions to the American south that Memphis has to offer, including musical and culinary offerings. Le Vignoble considers the wine experience to be more than just drinking wine. It's spending time with family and friends. It's allowing your senses to detect all of the unique characteristics from each bottle of wine. It's exploring the harmony between food and wine.  
Photo by: William Simmons (digital video clip)
Le Vignoble participates in many charitable events, community events, and wine tastings within Memphis and the surrounding communities. Le Vignoble considers it's self an ambassador of the country, region, and producer of it's products, as well as, the Memphis metropolitan area. Le Vignoble works with a distributor to promote our products at wine tasting events, restaurants, and wine stores.
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